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Trust Registration


Trust registration is a process of legalizing the trust deed (a legal contract between the settlor and Trustee) from the registrar of the respective jurisdiction.

Adhar card of All member’s , and detail of trust.

Charges – 14999/-

30 Working Days

    Types of Trusts Registration

    Public Trust

    Private belief refers to the legal system created for the benefit of individuals other than public or charitable purpose. It is formed for financial benefit of one or more beneficiaries, which are known to the traster.

    Private Trust

    A public trust essentially benefits the public largely. Unlike the private trust, the Public Trust does not work under the Indian Trust Act and is formed to serve a charitable or religious purpose.

    Public Cum-Private Trust

    As the name suggests, the public-co-private trust serve a double purpose. They are eligible to use their income for personal purposes along with the public. It means that the beneficiaries of such faith can be either public or private person or both.

    Penalties for violating Compliances of Trust Registration

    After registering the trust or institution, the tax deduction should be requested officially before the assessment officer for allocation. For this purpose, the Trust can use Form-4 9B by the IT department. The tax deduction account number should be quoted on all the trickals for the payment of Yoga U / S 200 and TDS certificates, as well as returns, U / S 206, 206 A and 206B were distributed. Section 272 BB talks about the penalty imposed on the trust that failed to take advantage of the tax deduction account number. The said section fined 10000 rupees in the above incidents.

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